The Theragon Team
** Engineer Danielle Rodrigues Manzoli

Electrical Engineer specialized in Electronics graduated
in 1998 and registered with the CREA (Regional
Council of Engineering, Architecture and Agronomy)
under number 5062057121/D.

Specialized in Foreign Trade, as well as in Customs
and Tax Legislation related to Foreign Trade;

With 16-year experience in Foreign Trade she has
acted in important projects on Imports of Factory
Units, machines and all type of equipment, aiming to
make the imports viable and reduce costs.

Specialized in fiscal classification of goods;

She has ministered several courses related to Foreign
Trade, including on the regimen and the special import
processes, such as imports of used machines and
equipment, tax incentives, Draw Back, Ex-Tarifários
(import tax reduction proceedings), Temporary
Admission, etc.

Fluent English;

** Engineer Angelo Gnemmi

Mechanical Engineer graduated in 1970 and registered
with the CREA (Regional Council of Engineering,
Architecture and Agronomy) under number 28.397/D.
Graduated in Business Administration in 1973.

Author of 12 books on implementation of new
industries, statistics, industrial quality and evaluations.

With 30-year experience in the field of Industrial
Implementation, comprising projects for multinationals,
construction and setting up of industries, provisioning,
inspection and quality, he has participated in more than
50 successful projects.

Surveyor Accredited at the Fazenda do Estado de São
Paulo [Public Treasury of the State of São Paulo] (State
General Attorney) / Fiscal Attorney).
Surveyor Accredited at the CSPE (Comissão de
Serviços Públicos de Energia / Power Utilities Board of
the State of São Paulo).
Surveyor Accredited at the Federal Revenue Service
(The 8ª Fiscal Region - SP).

He has conducted more than 1500 inspections and
surveys of industrial equipment, many of them abroad.

Fluent English, Italian and French.